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The Chip Rack 15th Edition


NEW FOR 2013!!!


Las Vegas, NV - The Chip Rack Edition 15—A Price Guide to the Casino Chips and Checks of Nevada is now available for immediate shipping or collection at the 21st CC&GTCC Convention. The Chip Rack is the leading source of information for collectors of Nevada casino chips. With its all new design, the 432 page book now has detailed descriptions of over 33,000 chips; house, roulette, baccarat, poker, commemorative and limited edition, making it the most comprehensive guide book available. Almost 1,000 Nevada casinos are listed.

        Since the publication of edition 14 in 2012, the editors have added approximately 500 new chip records to The Chip Rack, and have corrected or revised several thousand further entries including many price changes.  We have once again maintained a single volume issue, with no change in price.  The availability of manufacturer's records that we did not previously have access to means we have also been able to make further progress on correcting the issue dates and quantities on many issues.

        SSS Publishing are also the current publishers of The Gaming Table - The only worldwide reference to gaming establishments.  Many collectors find TGT to be an invaluable tool in identifying their mystery chips.  With over 30,000 worldwide listings of casinos as well as many addresses and dates of operation this is an invaluable resource.

        The 15th edition of The Chip Rack was published in June 2013.



U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide

The long anticipated, completely revised 4th edition has with over 2,100 chips illustrated, many never published before, with updated listings for hundreds more. Includes updated values, variations, and recently released casino chips from top collections , some available only for this publication. In all $5 million dollars worth of chips are priced in 3 different grades, following CC & GTCC standards
From the first edition (published in 1999) until now, collecting and investing in casino chips has become one of the fastest growing and exciting areas of collecting. This book gives you knowledge to become well versed in this fast-paced hobby.


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The Gaming Table

The Gaming Table Edition 4—Chip, Check and Token Collectors' guide for Worldwide Gaming Establishments is now available for immediate shipping. The Gaming Table is the leading source of identification for all known gaming establishments worldwide, past & present, licensed and unlicensed.  The publication comprises an alphabetized listing of establishments and identified chips (where the markings on those chips do not otherwise identify their origin). The availability of manufacturer's records not previously in our possession means there is much new information in the latest edition of this constant work in progress.

        The new edition has a whole new columnar format, similar to The Chip Rack, making it easier to read whilst continuing to provide all the additional data within the same single volume.  Approx 800 existing listings have been consolidated, and a further 7,400 edits and new entries have been made so that this edition now contains some 31,400 records.

        The 4th edition of The Gaming Table was published in January 2012


The Gaming Table

The Gaming Table, along with The Chip Rack, was the other book written and published by KMW Publishing.  Unlike TCR, TGT is a book about casinos, not directly about chips.  The goal of TGT is to list every casino which has ever existed throughout the world, along with addresses, dates of operation, mold designs of the chips they used, names of the owners, and other relevant information, such as succession from one casino to another.  Originally published in 1991, TGT has grown to 550 pages and over 30,000 individual listings.